Happy Birthday :P

miss her so much..lma x stay2.. tiba2 1/12/2011 birthday dia,,..hehehe
happy birthday darling..
kna ko bedak aq kn...tp ko ttp cute..
wngi kn bedak 2??
apa2 pun ko dh tua..hahaha...

2 lh bdy girl.. cristy
yg xpki tdung 2


People Commit Crime for Selfish Reason

  Crime is an illegal activities in general or an illegal action, which can be punished by law. in other word crime can also define as an action that lack the sense of humanity. I totally agree that people commit crime for selfish reason or for they own benefits just to fulfill their need without thinking others.

   A friend is someone that close to us, its not possible that friend might be influence us, a person that in group strongly influences a decision to commit crime. For example, young people who does not fit into expected standards of academic achievement can sometimes become lost in the competition. Children who cannot afford adequate clothing or school supplies may also fall into the same trap. These youth may abandon schoolmates in favor or criminal gangs. In gangs, antisocial behavior and criminal activity earns respect. Criminal gangs are usually focused on material.

  A second reason why do people commit crime is because of poverty . It depends on how likely they are going to steal. For example, an extremely poor person is more likely to steal something to eat. Even people have enough to live off steal just out of greed, for example someone steal money or  a thing. Another example, is a teenage girl that do not have enough money to buy some jewellery she might go in shop to steal some. The same could be said for a teenage guy who did not have enough money to buy a computer game.

  Lastly,Crime committed by individuals can also be a cause of their upbringing and childhood problems, at times individuals can be bullied into doing certain crimes which becomes an addiction, example drugs, prostitution . We need to also consider how these individuals are living, whether their family or friends have something they cannot afford.The main reasons which need to be looked at are individuals upbringing; whether they parents are in full time employment, whether they have a criminal record or are in contact.
  In conclusion, I would like to tell again that I strongly agree people commit crime for their selfish reason. As we can see on the point that I have list above. 

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thnx for reading this :)


Academic Excellence Guarantees a Successful Life ???

   Nowadays, academic excellence among the young people is given much important. Academic excellence means an academic quality of being excellent, it is something that connected with education and achievement. The issue is academic excellence guarantees a successful life?
   Having a successful life is not only can take from academic excellence but it can be achieve from an individual skill, skill here means someone who have ability to do something unique and useful, for example someone produce a unique craft such as a bamboo basket, a magazine bowl and so on. from this skill a person may sold the thing so they can achieve their successful life from make a business with a craft, this is a proof that tell us without academic excellence, people also can achieve a good life because most of the people doing craft but they do not have an academic excellence.
   Besides that, hardworking also can lead someone to have a successful in their life. If people have an academic excellence but they do not a hardworking person, it cannot achieve to be a successful life, we can see now most of the hardworking people already success in their life even though they do not have an academic excellence.
   Lastly, a successful also can be achieve from an individual talent. Talent is a natural ability to do something well, most of the talented people can get a good life, such as a singer and actor, they also have a successful life although they not excellent in their academic. For example, Siti Nurhaliza a top singer from Pahang, people know that she is not a rich person before become a singer, but after she highlight her talent now we can see she as a successful person, even though she not have an academic excellence.
   In conclusion, to achieve a successful in life is not only from an academic excellence, not from achievement in academic. It also can be achieve from our own skill, hardworking to get something and our natural talent.




stalker2 sekalian ko cni jap, bca ne...Dylan Dog? what its all about? nah entry kli ne psl movie yg bertitle DYLAN DOG... have u ever seen this movie?... best critanya, lucu + seram sdikit + misteri = syok.. actually movie ne aq p tngok ngn ma friend lh, cristy,miera n dorren.. 11 jun td... its all psal adventures of supernatural private eye, nmanya Dylan Dog, who seeks out the monsters of the Louisiana bayou in his signature red shirt, black jacket, and blue jeans.. apa yg pling wt crita ne best is sbb dia pnya wtak utama hnsm gilak... mls aq maw crita, tngok seja lh pica2 ne ya.. nah amik ko,

                                                    main character Dylan = Brandon Routh
                                                                         hnsm kn??

                                                yg ne friend dia Marcus = Sam Huntington
                                         dia ne d kill oleh makhluk pelik, pas 2 dia jd zombie
                                                                                                                                                                              Actually, 2 watak ne jak yg aq ska, so i just want 2 crita psl dorg r.. u better tngok sndri crita ne.. aq pun dak taw mcm na maw critakn blik...all i know the hero ne hnsm..heeee...