Academic Excellence Guarantees a Successful Life ???

   Nowadays, academic excellence among the young people is given much important. Academic excellence means an academic quality of being excellent, it is something that connected with education and achievement. The issue is academic excellence guarantees a successful life?
   Having a successful life is not only can take from academic excellence but it can be achieve from an individual skill, skill here means someone who have ability to do something unique and useful, for example someone produce a unique craft such as a bamboo basket, a magazine bowl and so on. from this skill a person may sold the thing so they can achieve their successful life from make a business with a craft, this is a proof that tell us without academic excellence, people also can achieve a good life because most of the people doing craft but they do not have an academic excellence.
   Besides that, hardworking also can lead someone to have a successful in their life. If people have an academic excellence but they do not a hardworking person, it cannot achieve to be a successful life, we can see now most of the hardworking people already success in their life even though they do not have an academic excellence.
   Lastly, a successful also can be achieve from an individual talent. Talent is a natural ability to do something well, most of the talented people can get a good life, such as a singer and actor, they also have a successful life although they not excellent in their academic. For example, Siti Nurhaliza a top singer from Pahang, people know that she is not a rich person before become a singer, but after she highlight her talent now we can see she as a successful person, even though she not have an academic excellence.
   In conclusion, to achieve a successful in life is not only from an academic excellence, not from achievement in academic. It also can be achieve from our own skill, hardworking to get something and our natural talent.